Luxury In Ft. Lauderdale

At CondoDomain we have a wealth of knowledge about the Ft. Lauderdale condo you’re looking for.
Start your search for your Ft. Lauderdale condo or loft today and see if it’s something that really interest you.
We have a team of skilled, reliable experts, whose first priority is always the customer. Let us help you search and find the condo that best fit your needs. Contact us today and talk to an experienced CondoDomain team member about our expansive listings of Ft. Lauderdale condos, new condo developments and open house viewings.
Isn’t …

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Why Buy A Ft. Launderdale Condo?

You don’t have to travel quite the long distance you may think to get to the one of the most beautiful tropical spots on the globe.
Ft Lauderdale is not only a vacation hotspot but one of the best places to live in the country.
Buying a Ft. Lauderdale condo from CondoDomain does not only afford you the opportunity to purchase a home from one of the best names in real estate, but as a Ft. Lauderdale condo owner, you are one of the lucky few that lives in one of the …

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Monday Morning Selling Tip

This week we are starting a new series –Monday Morning Selling Tips for home sellers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
While the market may be taking a turn, many properties are sitting on the market because home buyers have many choices.  Each week we will offer a home seller tip that may help expedite the sale of your home.
Look at your home as a potential home buyer.  That means take a notepad or your iPad, dress comfortable and get ready to take a walk around and through your property as if you …

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Former Keller Williams Agent – Barry Segal Joins Condodomain

Jeannette Neerpat and Barry Segal of Fort Lauderdale

Press Release: is proud to announce that Barry Segal has joined our team!

Barry Segal, brought up in a Business and in a Real Estate family environment, enhanced by his own interest at a young age in farming and land utilization, entered the Florida Real Estate Industry in 1985. Barry honestly admits that: “… back in those days, Real Estate was not as glorious as it appeared”.
Barry’s creative mind lead him to focus on what he saw lacking in the industry: The availability & ability to use systems to the customer’s advantage.
This focus …

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Important Information You Should Know When Buying A Condo

There are things you should know if you are going to buy a condo in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere in the United States.   Information about the condo association and about the development that can determine whether it will be a smart buy or a bust.  We are not talking about the obvious things such as your likes or your needs per say but additional information that may affect you obtaining a loan or resale value down the road.
Let’s Get Started

First of all make sure and know the type of …

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What Are You Doing This Weekend South Florida?

WOOHOO Happy Friday!  Every weekend, you can find something fun and exciting to do in South Florida. Since being here I have walked a labyrinth, enjoyed the music scene and have already found my favorite farmers market. There is so much South Florida offers and there is always something going on.
So what are you doing this weekend South Florida?
I think this would be fun. I love festivals and fairs.  The 6th Annual South Florida Surfers for Autism Beach Festival on Deerfield Beach. What a great cause and it sounds …

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