BiKE Broward – Biking in Fort Lauderdale

New Biclycling Resources in Fort Lauderdale!

The Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (Broward MPO) has developed an innovative Internet-based bicycle route-planning tool that allows bicyclists to enter their start and end locations and receive turn-by-turn directions on how to reach their destination. This new tool has been named BiKE Broward.

BiKE Broward includes five types of route selections users can choose from, including short, fast, least interaction with traffic, simple, and scenic. When planning your trip you can also include multiple travel points along your designated route.

The concept for BiKE Broward began in March 2008. The project is funded by the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (Broward MPO); it is also a joint effort through Florida International University Geographic Information System (GIS) Center and the University of Florida’s GeoMatics Program at the Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center.

To provide feedback on the BiKE Broward Website, contact Mark Horowitz, Broward MPO’s Bicycle/ Pedestrian Coordinator, at 954-357-6641;

At least 57 million people, or approximately 27 percent of the population ages 16 and up, are active bicyclists according to a survey sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Another survey, this one conducted by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, found that the majority of these people ride for exercise/health (41 percent) and recreation (37 percent). South Florida Adventures lists this in its TOP 9.

The Broward County Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee recently produced a map that is intended to serve as a reference for bicycling in Broward County. Whether you’re biking for exercise and health, for recreation, or, more and more commonly these days, to commute, safety is of utmost importance. Visit the  Website, where you’ll find such information as a Broward County Bicycle Suitability Map, Defensive Driving (tips for riding in traffic), How and Where To Lock Your Bicycle, and an especially comprehensive section called Bicycles Are Vehicles, which includes information on avoiding accidents, emergency maneuvers, Florida’s bicycle-safety laws, handling hazards, safety equipment, and traffic law highlights.

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