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Luxury In Ft. Lauderdale

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Start your search for your Ft. Lauderdale condo or loft today and see if it’s something that really interest you.
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Isn’t …

Former Keller Williams Agent – Barry Segal Joins Condodomain

Jeannette Neerpat and Barry Segal of Fort Lauderdale

Press Release: is proud to announce that Barry Segal has joined our team!

Barry Segal, brought up in a Business and in a Real Estate family environment, enhanced by his own interest at a young age in farming and land utilization, entered the Florida Real Estate Industry in 1985. Barry honestly admits that: “… back in those days, Real Estate was not as glorious as it appeared”.
Barry’s creative mind lead him to focus on what he saw lacking in the industry: The availability & ability to use systems to the customer’s advantage.
This focus …

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Florida Homeowners Plan to Appeal Insurance Increases

Citizens Property Insurance, the State-established and supposed ‘not-for-profit’ insurance company in Florida, was established to provide homeowners insurance to residents who don’t qualify for other homeowners insurance policies or those homeowners who can’t afford private insurance policies. This insurance company was supposed to be the insurer of last resort for residents in high risk areas (associated with natural disasters such as hurricanes, sinkholes, tornadoes, etc.). Since the entire state of Florida is considered to be in a high risk zone, many major insurance companies have ceased from offering policies within …

Hurricane Preparedness in South Florida: Hurricane Irene


With Hurricane Irene upon us within the week, it is important to reconsider the supplies necessary for hurricane preparedness.
While most natural disasters within South Florida are minor, at best, it is great practice for when something powerful and destructive is upon us. The chances of Hurricane Irene hitting shore along the coast of Florida is only 20% as of this afternoon, but the state and nation are watching as it grows and nears our coasts.
The National Hurricane Center has a “Hurricane Preparedness Checklist” that can be viewed here that includes …

Real Estate News Today

Photo Courtesy: SSGTahoe
Fort Lauderdale area Home Sales Soar
With home prices all over the map in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding cities, the frequency of sales each month is on a steady incline. Nearly 1300 existing homes in Broward County changed hands in the month of June, up 6% from last year during the same month. More information can be read here.
Chinese Drywall Settlements For Florida Homeowners
Across the tri-county area, many luxurious homes were built in prestigous neighborhoods in the early 2000s utilizing Chinese-imported drywall. reports: “…homeowners exposed to Chinese drywall …

Coral Springs: Developed With You In Mind

Photo Credit: Legionarus
Coral Springs, FL, 15 minutes northwest of downtown Fort Lauderdale is the epitome of a city designed with the resident in mind. Coral Springs’ public schools are unsurpassed by any other schools in Broward County; families flock from all over the country to reside in one of the only completely planned cities in the nation.
CNN Money Magazine features Coral Springs in the top half of their ‘100 Best Places to Live’ list every year. The city was originally chartered in 1963 and is now home to nearly 130,000 …

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