Monday Morning Selling Tip

This week we are starting a new series –Monday Morning Selling Tips for home sellers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

While the market may be taking a turn, many properties are sitting on the market because home buyers have many choices.  Each week we will offer a home seller tip that may help expedite the sale of your home.

Look at your home as a potential home buyer.  That means take a notepad or your iPad, dress comfortable and get ready to take a walk around and through your property as if you are a home buyer. Buyers can be very picky and most home sellers want to net as much money in their pockets along with a successful sale.

Sprucing up your property can make a huge impact on how quickly your home will sell.

Make a list of all the things that you can change in order to offer curb appeal, such as cleaning out flower beds, pressure washing the deck or driveway to painting the mailbox. Walk around the yards and take notes, think about when you bought this home, what did you like best and what improvements have you made?

Next, walk in your home like a home buyer.

A home buyer will not only inspect your home themselves, so will many others such as a home inspector, an appraiser and other real estate agents.

All of these folks will look hard for things that might affect your property value as a home for sale. Take a look at everything. Sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest impact such as changing a burnt out light bulb or changing a light switch cover to a shiny new one. Look at what you do not like or what needs to be fixed and if its within your budget change it!

Another alternative is to call a real estate agent and I’m sure they will give you pointers in the best way to put your property in its best light.

We hope you found this weeks Monday Morning Selling Tip useful!

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