Not your grandmothers FT. Lauderdale of the past!

Gone are the days of shuffleboard playing and pastel colored visors and flower shirts screaming I’m retired and living in Ft. Lauderdale! You may even see shuffleboard courts overgrown and empty because today’s baby boomers are active! Today’s baby-boomer are buying that modern sports car and enjoying the good life. The life in which they worked hard for and now is the time to enjoy it in the welcoming city of Ft Lauderdale. You may think the convertible S-class Mercedes Benz driver is a young buck only to find out that it’s a baby-boomer couple who use Ft. Lauderdale as there playground.  Ft. Lauderdale offers all types of exclusivity for Baby-boomer that gets just that. There are numerous groups around south Florida that allow an ft Lauderdale visitor to branch out and meet new people to discover the majesty Ft. Lauderdale, Florida provides.

The baby-boomer of South Florida is typically a social group, which isn’t a singles group. This group allows people in a certain age range to meet and enjoy the local treasure Ft Lauderdale has to offer. The events range from free to moderately price. The baby-boomers of South Florida have professional organizers who choose to host events at hot spots they feel the majority of individuals will like. Events consist of Bike riding, Walks on the beach, Cocktails, Pot luck parties and various pool and themed parties, beach BBQ’s and Meeting at local eateries and cruises.  Lets not forget that Ft Lauderdale is a port and is home to some of the most exciting cruises. Living in Ft Lauderdale makes it so convenient to travel the world.  Be a tourist in your own city and soak in the paradise.

Another group baby-boomer should be apart of is the awesome mixers group. These group hosts even better parties and events. The events are free to moderately priced. Some of the events that are included are jazz on the lawn; Sat intercostals landscape painting, Shopping, Tea, brunch, dinner, dancing and much more. You will build friends and May have to sleep in a day for all of the events and new sites to see.   If you’re a baby-boomer, Ft. Lauderdale has something for you too. Reinvent to wheel of living after retirement.  Let Ft. Lauderdale be your backdrop.

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